The Salary Information Agency

The Salary Information Agency is an independent Estonian survey agency that offers employers and employees the most up-to-date salary information about the Estonian market.

The Agency’s mission is to generate useful information for employers to help them create competitive compensation packages and for employees to develop adequate salary expectations.

The Agency gathers its salary data through biannual surveys of Estonian employers and employees, and analyses it in the context of national and international statistics.


We offer:

Salary analyses and market comparison


  • Statistical analysis of salaries
  • Monthly gross salaries - real salary figures
  • Gross salary variations within organization
  • Proportion of basic pay and variable pay in monthly gross salary
  • Changes to basic pay
  • Changes to employees’ net salaries
  • Monthly gross wage by county



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Access to our online salary databases


Mini Database

  • Salaries for 30 areas of work and 10 occupational groups through different filters

Pro Database

  • Statistical analyses of salaries for 400 occupations (ISCO 4-digit codes)



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Basic Database


Pro Database


Basic base ENG 3 



Latest market and salary trends in Estonia


“Labour Market and Salary Trends” is the Salary Information Agency's biannually published analysis of the Agency’s latest employer and employee survey outcomes and official national statistics.

On 2 February 2017, the Agency and its partners published their latest report “Labour Market and Salary Trends: Autumn–Winter 2016/17”. The report contains the findings from the employer survey and the employee and job-seeker survey the Agency carried out with its partners in November 2016.

The Agency surveys Estonian employers and employees twice a year – in spring and autumn. In November 2016 the survey involved 404 employers, 11,225 employees and job seekers.

The survey's focus is on salaries and how they change. Every survey also contains a few questions about some currently topical labour market issue, which in November 2016 were about job satisfaction, motivation and loyalty of employees.

Labour Market and Salary Trends: Autumn–Winter 2016/17, Main outcomes

Labour Market and Salary Trends: Spring–Summer 2016, Main outcomes 

Tooturu ja tasustamise trendid ST2016 17 tiitel ENG






Statistical Analysis 




Agency’s salary surveys

Input from employers and employees

The Agency uses a similar methodology to survey employers and employees, which produces unique comparable data about salary expectations and real salaries.

Biannual surveys

Salary surveys are carried out twice a year – on April and October salaries. The survey of October salaries provides an opportunity to compare our results with the official statistics both in Estonia and internationally since statistical offices of many countries collect data about the same period.

The surveys consist of two parts: labour market trends and salary data.

International methodology

Similarly to statistical offices, our surveys classify occupations according to the International Standard Classification of Occupations (ISCO) recommended by the ILO, which we have supplemented according to our participants' feedback. Survey participants can submit data for over 400 occupations.





Our Team

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Kadri Seeder

Director and Analyst

Kadri oversees the running of salary surveys, analyses salary statistics and helps both employers and employees get a better understanding of the salary market.

She makes sure that both sides of industry receive the most relevant salary information they require, in the best possible format and with the least data input necessary.

Kadri advises employers on how to organise flexible working or teleworking in a way that doesn’t impact performance, keeps employees motivated and managers happy.

Kadri has an MA in sociology, she had a varied, long-term experience as information and project manager in the Estonian Employers’ Confederation; she has also worked as management PA in the Estonian Oil Association, and as PA to HR director in the Estonian fuel company EK.

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Anton Kuznetski
Development Manager

Anton focuses on making the products of the Agency easily accessible to data consumers, employers and employees in and out of Estonia.

He also keeps abreast with international salary trends and helps employers interpret international salary statistics.

Anton studied business management and marketing in Tallinn University of Technology and has since worked in marketing and organisational management in various companies. During 2008-2013, Anton worked as adviser to the chairman of the Estonian Employers’ Confederation.

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Laura Arro

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